Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh Dear...

Clinkies have always terrified me - I'm a long time admirer, but I usually gaze from afar. I have a small handful in my herd, mostly HR minis that I've picked up here and there, a couple DWs (Miss Pepper and Harry) that I've come across in my antique shop/flea market ventures, and a few of Breyer's Gallery pieces. Despite my fears my clinkies have mostly survived well, with the only casualties being a chipped ear on Moritz the Noriker and a broken mini leg that I successfully repaired.

During a regular browse of the model horse-dom of the internet last weekend, I discovered Animal Artistry's retail therapy page at roughly 3 o'clock in the morning.

Meet Mephistopheles:

Photo by Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry
Yep, I did what I told myself I'd never do. I bought an expensive clinky. (And at $200 due to him leaning slightly I'm considering that a good price. YIKES.)

He's an earthenware Vintage Striking Arabian Stallion in gloss bay, one of 30 produced in china with the sculpture's original flowing mane and tail. The AA Striker and I have a history together - when I was first entering the "hobby" and wading through all of the different manufacturers that *weren't* Breyer, I distinctly remember coming across a photo of one of these guys and falling in love with his awesome presence and cranky attitude. I've dreamed of owning one for over half a decade since. Aaand, here we are.

I'm hoping he arrives sometime this week. I need this shiny pony to get into my hot little hands STAT.

The scariest part is not the fact that I bought a fairly expensive and really breakable model that's a far cry from my usual collecting norm - it's the fact that now I want more. My current calling? Having an AA Rearing Andy custom glazed in some funky appaloosa pattern as an historical Iberian horse. I do need to downsize the herd a bit, after all...

I christened this guy Mephistopheles not only because of his devilish attitude, but the fact that he's likely going to drag me into clinky hell as well. Ah, the irony of this post coming just after an essay on why I will always be focused on OF Breyers!